1. greuze:

    Gustave Courbet, The Source (Detail), 1862

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  2. "Sometimes you just can’t save someone from themselves."
    — Dave Grohl, In response to Kurt Cobain’s suicide (via hidr0xide)

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  4. the-celery-stalks-at-midnight:


    2200 Palestinian men, women and children were massacred in 7 weeks. All of them lived under a ruthless and criminal occupation, siege and blockade. The vast majority of them were refugees, expelled from land that is now controlled by those…

  5. brudesworld:

    Scheherazade by Ferenc Helbing, 1914

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  8. stunningpicture:

    Made this for my boyfriend

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    Check out my Nicole Miller campaign live on Trop Rouge

  10. eatsleepdraw:

    'Two Skies'

    Original 792x1188